There is nothing that tastes better than clarity.

How can you make a change when you aren't clear?

The only sustainable way to move through a block in our life is naming it.

We need clarity to move.

One of the most rapid ways I have seen individuals transform was through my group program called The Breakthrough last spring.

Last year, we sat twice a week together for a month with the intention of witnessing and being witnessed in where we felt stuck.

As we ease our way into spring together I want to open a group coaching container for people to accelerate their process of moving through any blocks or walls present to them.

Your breakthrough could be gaining clarity on what direction to go in your romantic relationship—and to gain support on how to navigate those waters. Dump them, or go fully in and commit.

Your breakthrough could be gaining clarity on what city to move to.

Your breakthrough could be gaining clarity on what job opportunity to pursue or whether to LEAP into what you love but aren’t quite confident in.

Your breakthrough could be releasing fear of stepping forward, or letting go.

Your breakthrough could be finally setting the boundaries you need with a family member, or significant other or yourself.

Your breakthrough could be naming your ambivalence or uncertainty pattern—seeing where it comes from and stepping into confidence in making choices in your life.

Your breakthrough could be starting to see who incredibly worthy you are of all the gifts of this one beautiful life.

Your breakthrough could happen from sitting with me—dropped into a visualization ungripping a memory powerfully driving your unconscious, or witnessing me coaching someone else in the hot seat through the exact thing you’ve experienced—giving your permission and understanding that we are never, ever, alone.

Your breakthrough could be spending 90 minutes two days a week for one month with me and others committed to moving through their make believe limitations to finally bloom.

I created this for people who are committed fully to discovering what keys of truth are present and to transforming rapidly together.

I want to un-stick what you’re struggling with so you can step into the freedom and liberation on the other side of aligned choice.

Let’s bloom together.

We start May 24th.

Welcome to The Breakthrough.

This 6-week group coaching experience was created to give you the opportunity of naming the clarity you need to breakthrough your current blocks and arrive at aliveness.

8 years ago I woke up to a truth that our world doesn’t want to tell you.

The one thing standing between you and feeling good..

The one block between deeper fulfillment and connection in your relationships..

The barrier between you creating a life that is for you, and not for this world..

The key?

The key is having the courage to see, accept, make space and take action on the small and large truths that rise up and speak to you.

I know you hear them.

When you don’t listen they manifest in your physical body, in your dreams–

When truth isn’t tended to, it comes out. 

It is time now to listen. 

Sitting down in honesty with who I ACTUALLY AM is what liberated and freed me. It is what changed everything for me. Over and over again.

So often as humans we get trapped in a job, relationship, city or situation and convince ourselves that we have to stay. 

You don’t have to stay.

Staying is what takes your energy and aliveness. Staying is what keeps you up at night watching a series of Netflix shows trying to distract yourself from the emptiness inside of you. 

Why you are staying in these situations probably goes deeper than you think..

You might think it’s money, or there are no other choices. 

We tell ourselves many things as to why it's okay that we choose the situations that make us suffer and unhappy. 

But many of us are running off of outdated and young programming that is informing how we show up today to those blocks. 

Part of why you're hitting your head against a wall and feeling stuck in your life is because you're trying to move through blocks in your life with the same 5% perspective you've had for years.

You read that right—Today's science estimates that 95% of our brain's activity is unconscious, meaning that the majority of the decisions we make, the actions we take, our emotions and behaviors, depend on the 95% of brain activity that lies beyond conscious awareness.

Your life doesn't look or feel differently each day when you wake up because you're looking at the puzzle with the same 5% you used yesterday.

I hate to break it to you, but that 5% isn't going to change your life.

Over the course of the 6 weeks, I will take us into that 95% and show you other ways to relate to the things that feel trapping in your life. 

There are so many exits and opportunities for deep re-creation—you are just pigeonholed into your current existence and how you currently feel as the only way.

There are ways.

And I get it. 

10 years ago I was bartending until 4 AM selling brown bottles of beer to people, wasting my gifts and I was miserable. 

I thought I had to stay.

I thought that what I had was what I got.

And it’s not. 

It’s time now to sit in a room full of people who are committed to changing, together and shift.

To break through whatever individual beliefs are holding you back..

To meet the next iteration of YOU and let that you know all of it belongs. 

This is the key. 

It is pivotal.

This container has LIMITED ENROLLMENT

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Introducing the Breakthrough VIP

Small cohort VIP is capped at 20 people

VIP Pricing

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The Breakthrough Schedule


Live with Janne

Tuesday, May 24 @ 5.30PM PST
Saturday, May 28 @ 9 AM PST
Tuesday, May 31 @ 5.30 PM PST
Saturday, June 4 @ 9 AM PST
Tuesday, June 7 @ 5.30 PM PST
Saturday, June 11 @ 9 AM PST
Tuesday, June 14 @ 5.30 PM PST
Saturday, June 18 @ 9 AM PST


Facilitated by Janne's Team
Tuesday, June 21 @ 5.30 PM PST
Saturday, July 2 @ 9AM PST

*This container has Limited Enrollment

The VIP Breakthrough Schedule

(Additional add on experience small cohort capped at 20 people)


At Four Moons Spa in Encinitas
Saturday, July 16th

10 AM - 12 PM: Small VIP group session #1

12 PM - 1 PM: Private long table lunch

1 PM - 3 PM: Small VIP group session #2
*disclaimer: flights and lodging are not included in cost


Live with Janne
1-on-1 30 minute Zoom call with Janne to be scheduled individually


Live with Janne
Saturday, July 16 @ 9AM PST
Saturday, July 23 @ 9 AM PST
Saturday, July 30 @ 9AM PST

I have been facilitating this specific type of unscripted large group work for the past 2 years and here is what I discovered:

  • It is not only the person in the hot seat that is transformed, it's everyone in the room. You are not unique to your suffering. This work is collective work, because it is human work.

  • There are layers of healing that simply do not happen when we are 1-1 with a therapist in a room.

So much of what shackles us down and away from unlocking liberation, freedom and touching the energy of who we are is shame.

And there is a layer of shame that we cannot move unless it is witnessed, loved, seen and accepted by community. 

There are layers of healing that we need community for–the presence and regulation of not just one, but many.

Learn to love yourself and be loved by us. 


What is the Breakthrough?

  • A 6 week group coaching experience that entails a 4 week intensive with (2) 90-minute Zoom calls a week (Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings) and then 2 additional community Zoom integration calls (led by Janne's team)to connect with other participants as you integrate.

What will Janne be coaching people on?

  • Janne is a truth and development coach and facilitator. She believes that identifying, integrating and embodying/acting upon truth in every area of your lives -- career, city/lifestyle, friendships, romantic relationships, and familial relationships is the key to our liberation. Nothing is off the table to bring to Janne. If something does arise that Janne feels needs more of a 1-1 dedicated long term space she will recommend a modality {EMDR or Somatic Experiencing} for you to explore this deeper.

Does the Breakthrough follow a curriculum? Is there a curriculum or course included?

  • No. The breakthrough is an unscripted group coaching experience. This means there is no formal curriculum in place. Janne's favorite modality of teaching is similar to the likes of Abrahm Hicks or Kyle Cease. She loves to pull people forward in the moment and work with them on the spot with whatever is there that moment or that day that is getting in the way of their liberation or joy.

What will calls entail?

  • In the Breakthrough sessions Janne will pull people forward on zoom, turn on their video and work with them 1-1 live to move through a block in front of the group. This type of facilitation is powerful because when we come in with an agenda–we often miss what is already in the room to be taught. Where we let what is in the room be the script.

How will this benefit me if I am not the one in the hot seat?

  • Over and over again what the person in the hot seat is working on moving through is what you are moving through. And what they need to hear, a part of you needs to hear too. And that reestablishes the one of two universal truths Janne believes which is that you are not alone in your experience.

Is this program open to men?

  • Yes, this intensive is open to all - men, women, non-binary, transgender - all are welcome here.

Is there a Facebook group?

  • No, The Breakthrough is fully hosted on Zoom with the exception of the VIP in person event in Encinitas. We are intentionally eliminating Facebook groups and integrating community Zoom calls with small breakout rooms to encourage more face-to-face human interaction,

Does the Spring intensive include any 1-1 calls with Janne?

  • A 1-1 call with Janne is a part of the VIP Breakthrough only.

Do I need to bring anything to the calls?

  • Just bring yourself and your journal if you like to take notes, Calls will be recorded and made available after the session if you wish to remain 100% present.

How much does the Spring intensive cost?

  • Early bird pricing: One payment of $777 or three payments of $300 USD. For the VIP Breakthrough, one payment of $2,997 or three payments of $1,050 USD. Please note Early Bird Pricing ends May 18th at 11:59pm PT, no exceptions.
  • Regular pricing: One payment of $888 or three payments of $333 USD. For the VIP Breakthrough, one payment of $3,333 or three payments of $1,200 USD.

Do you offer payment plans?

  • Yes, we have chosen to offer a three-pay option for The Breakthrough and The Breakthrough VIP to make both opportunities more accessible. The first payment will be made at checkout, with two recurring payments occurring 15 days and then 30 days later.

How can I know if the Breakthrough is right for me?

  • If you have benefitted from working with Janne in YTIYM, but are simply desiring to dive deeper into your work in a more open concept container - this is right for you. If you are feeling close but needing a push over the edge to leap - this is for you. If you are seeking connection with like minded people ready to take themselves on - this is for you.

What is the cancellation policy?

  • Due to the nature of the program, there is a zero tolerance cancellation policy, Your sign up. is a commitment to the full purchase of the program and will not be refunded.

I asked my past students who they feel The Breakthrough would most benefit and this is what they said….

“I experienced a wonderful breakthrough taking The Breakthrough. I was carrying a lot of anxiety throughout my day and it was often hard for me to pinpoint specifically why. It felt more like a general anxiety but with real physical manifestation....often leading directly to pain in my stomach. In one of the group sessions, I was on the hot seat and we went through an early childhood memory. I had been lost by my father and siblings while shopping in a small town in England. I was found by local policemen who led me back to my dad within minutes.    I have thought about this story many many times over the years but always focused on the possibility that I had grown up thinking my father and siblings did not love me enough. But it never sat right as a "story" because I have always felt that the love of my family is one of the best and strongest things in my life. But Janne shifted my thinking to the fact that what I could now recognize is that the universe is safe....that even in what was the scariest thing that could happen to a four year old led me straight into arguably the two safest people in the world. Policemen whose job is literally to save people. It was such a subtle shift in how I thought about that experience but what a seismic shift! That the universe delivered proof to me at such a young age that I would always be taken care of. That I can trust that I am safe! Wow. My anxiety has shifted that I have been working on for years”.

-Louis Soper

“I originally went into the program thinking that I would have a breakthrough on how to have a better relationship with my family. Instead I found a better relationship with myself.”

-Erin Bachler

“Traditional therapy to me feels like being in a pitch black cave, feeling blind and not knowing which direction to take. Then the therapist comes in, takes your hand and helps you move around the cave in circles with some progress over a period of time. Janne has a big spot lamp when she arrives and she intuitively knows exactly where to point you to free you and she does it rapidly.”

-Spencer Berge

“My breakthrough was that I felt a need to be in control because I didn't have many rules or structure as a child. This led to anxiety later in life (including hypochondria ) that I'm now better able to work through.”

-Jaden Hummel

About Janne Robinson

My genius is expression. Over the past 8 years I have published 100’s of articles on Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, Elephant Journal. I am the author of two books of poetry, “This is for the Women who Don’t Give a Fuck” & “There’s Cobwebs on Her Vagina” and as a coach and facilitator I have taught 1000’s of people how to express and live their truth. I share slabs of my heart with this world for a living and teach others that their truth, their voice and ultimately who they are belongs. I am a world builder. My work has been featured on BBC, The Today Show, Sydney Morning Herald, Women’s Health Magazine, INC, Forbes and The Daily Mail.